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Q:  Do hypnosis recordings (MP3’s /DVD’s) really work?

A:  Yes they do.

During a live hypnosis session, the therapist will ask you to close your eyes and will then start to speak to you, with or without the aid of a microphone and often accompanied by soothing background music.

As you are gently lulled into the deeply relaxed state of hypnosis by the Hypnotherapist’s voice, it may be impossible to tell if the sounds you are hearing are live or recorded.

Good hypnosis recordings can be very effective.  They can be played repeatedly and whenever you like.  Listening to beneficial hypnotic suggestions over and over again can be very powerful as these suggestions become more and more deeply embedded into the subconscious (sometimes called the unconscious) part of your mind.

Hypnosis is the best way to gain access to the ‘computer’ of the human mind and a good hypnotic CD or MP3 recording will gently take the listener deeply enough into hypnosis to help  that computer to be re-programmed in a beneficial way.